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Conferences & Webinars

Aspen Institute UK. (2023) ‘Critical Conversations 4: The Future of Food Systems’  IEMA. (2023) ‘Environmental Disclosure and Sustainable Food Production - Friends or Foe?’  Groundswell. (2023) ‘Is It Time to Certify Regenerative  Ellen MacArthur Foundation. (2023) Redesigning Food Podcast Series. “Is there a better way to produce our food?” John Lewis Partnership. (2022) Sustainability Conference. ‘Journey to a Happier World - Embedding a sustainability strategy at C-Suite level.’  John Lewis Partnership. (2022) Sustainability Conference. ‘Journey to a Happier World - How do we make sustainably produced food relevant to all? Blue Earth Summit. (2022) ‘Regenerative Food Production’ Groundswell (2022) ‘Hospitality: embracing regenerative approach to sourcing’  Rothschild Foundation and Tortoise Media. (2022). The Responsible Food Forum. ‘Land and Sea Sustainability’ OmniAction. (2022) ‘Risky business: ESG needs an agreed metric for agriculture and food’ Better Hospitality Conference. (2022) ‘How can chefs and farmers work closer together for a better food system’ Oxford Real Farming Conference. (2022) ‘From field to fibre: Is Regenerative Fashion the new frontier in farming?’  Earthrise. (2021) A Natoora Festival. ‘For farming and flavour’ Crowdfunder. (2021) G7 Fringe Discussion- ‘Does my breakfast make a difference?’ Tortoise. (2021) ‘Can soil save the planet?’

Press Coverage

Wicked Leeks (2003) '20 sessions not to miss at Groundswell 2023' Farmers Guardian. (2022) ‘Retailer eco-label has potential to 'mislead' shoppers” Food Navigator. (2022) ‘Poor data is hindering eco-label plans, group warns” 1611 - Finance Bookzine. (2022) Issue 005. ‘Industry Trend 產業趨勢 - 我們需要的農業,究竟是什麼? Country Living UK. (2022) ‘22 people to watch in 2022, all set for big things - Countryside Heroes’ Specialty Food. (2022). ‘Getting fine food labelling right in 2022’ British Vogue. (2021) ‘12 Brilliant Instagram Accounts To Follow To Learn More About Regenerative Farming’. Specialty Food. (2022) ‘6 ways to be an ethical retailer’ HortWeek. (2022) ‘Making sustainably produced food relevant for all” Country and Townhouse. (2022) July/August Issue. ‘We need Regeneration’ Newyork Times. (2022) ‘In the Shadow of a Cornish Castle, a Vegetarian Feast for Beltane’ Huffington Post. (2021) ‘Will We Have Enough Food For Winter?’ Well To Do (2021) ‘Regenerative Agriculture: How Wellness Brands Are Tackling Climate Change’

Reports and Other Writing Contribution

Food Navigator. (2023). Industry Report on Regenerative Agriculture UK Parliamentary POST Briefing. (2023) ‘Environmental Impacts of and Risks for the Food Production System’ Footprint Intelligence. (2023). ‘A transparent future for food service: How environmental data is greening supply chains and empowering the public’ Natural Environment Research Council and the British Science Association. (2023) ‘Roundtable: What is the role of eco-labels in driving clean growth?’ The Organic Magazine. Soil Association. (2022) Winter Issue. ‘Net Zero and Food Sovereignty’ Soil to Table - The Land Gardeners. (2022) Sustainable Fishing (2021) ‘Neonics - The EU-banned pesticide that England nearly let back in’ Ana Santi. (2021) ‘Three Things to Help Heal the Planet' Landworkers Alliance. (2021) ‘Safeguards of standards and scrutiny. The crucial check and balance for our food systems and parliamentary democracy.’

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